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Finland requests an explanation for the arrest of an environmental researcher - Botschaft von Finnland, Bern : Aktuelles : Aussenministerium informiert


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Press Releases, 17.04.2012 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Finland requests an explanation for the arrest of an environmental researcher

Press release 85/2012
16 April 2012

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and representatives of the environment administration have today discussed the event in which a researcher from the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE was arrested on 11 April 2012 during an official sampling trip to the River Luga in Kingisepp, Russia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests that the Russian authorities provide an explanation of the event.

Finland is strongly committed to the continuation and further development of environmental cooperation with Russia. A characteristic feature of a good working relationship is that problems can be discussed openly and directly, in this way resolving issues.

The Secretariat of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) strives to organise a joint meeting of the Balthazar project partners this week. Those present at the meeting will agree on continuation of the sampling programme and will set common rules to follow.

Additional information: Director General Nina Vaskunlahti, Department for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, mobile tel. +358 40 481 9823; with respect to environmental cooperation, Permanent Secretary Hannele Pokka, Ministry of the Environment, mobile tel. +358 40 482 2772; Director General Lea Kauppi, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), mobile tel. +358 40 740 1668; with respect to the Balthazar project, Kaj Forsius/HELCOM Secretariat, mobile tel. +358 46 850 92212 and the Helsinki Commission’s press release: http://www.helcom.fi/press_office/news_helcom/2012/en_GB/Luga_meeting/

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